EFD Semantic Data

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1 Intro

This page allows you to download all data used by the EFD semantic application.

Most files ar provided in Turtle 1.1. Some of them use SPARQL-syle prefixes, eg

prefix dct: <http://purl.org/dc/terms/>
# instead of
@prefix dct: <http://purl.org/dc/terms/>.

The Turtle spec version 1.1 sec D.2 (Jan 2014) makes this legitimate: "The addition of sparqlPrefix and sparqlBase which allow for using SPARQL style BASE and PREFIX directives in a Turtle document was marked "at risk" in the Candidate Recommendation publication. This feature is no longer at risk."

2 Ontology

3 FD Classification

The EFD semapp uses a subset of the English and French Wikipedia categories as FD classification. The FD classification feeds the "Food topic" facet of the semapp. See details in these publications:


DBpedia notes:

  • We use article titles (rdfs:label) and aliases (dbo:wikiPageRedirects/rdfs:label) of articles classified in the FD categories (dct:subject).
  • We used the EN-FR Inter-Language Links (owl:sameAs) between categories to construct the French tree.
  • Since we made a number of additions and corrections to English Wikipedia categories, we generated a fresh English DBpedia dataset from Wikipedia dumps of 20 October 2015.
  • We used the French DBpedia as of 1 Jul 2016

Because of its size, we don't provide the English and French DBpedia datasets. Contact us if you'd like us to provide these datasets for download heree.

4 Place Data

The EFD semapp provides a Places hierarchical facet. We use DBpedia places and the Geonames place hierarchy.

5 EFD Collections

Metadata collections provided by EFD partners:

6 Semantic Enrichments

Enrichments are references from CHOs to DBpedia as the result of semantic text analysis, eg for a BG-ONTO recipe:

  dct:spatial dbr:Bulgaria;
  dct:subject dbr:Baking, dbr:Bell_pepper, dbr:Bulgarian_cuisine, dbr:Pickling, dbr:Salt, dbr:Sugar, dbr:Tursu, dbr:Vinegar.

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